Middletown Bail Bonds


Bail Bond Premuim

Many people ask how much do we charge for a bail bond.
There is only one answer: The fee, known as “Premium” is 10%*.  (See below for options).
If someone tells you they can do it for less then 10%** be sure they clarify it in writing. Do they mean you will not owe them anymore money or are they saying they will take less then 10%** down and put you on a payment plan.

* New Jersey Bail Bond Agencies are required to charge the Premium amount as on file with the Department of Banking and Insurance.
Premium (Amount You Pay For The Bail Bond Service)
1). We Charge 10%** of the face value of the Bail Bond Amount.  (Payment options available).
2). There is also a $30.00 filing Fee with the County.
Ways to pay the PREMIUM
1). Cash,  Credit Card, Debit Card, Personal Check, Money Order, PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram.

2). If you do not have any of these means, and cash is your only Option, we may be able to find you financing or put you on an in-house payment plan if qualified (no interest).

1). Real Estate, land or improved land.
(depending on the bail amount different levels of equity will be required).
2). Cash or Credit Card.
Credit Scoring
As in most financial situations your credit will play a part of the approval process. If you credit is not “A” Credit it does not mean we won’t approve the bail. But it means in most cases we will require more the 1 signer.

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