Middletown Bail Bonds


Payment Plans

We Accept Payment Plans. We do not Charge Interest. The amount down is determined by the below factors;

1. Contempt of Court, Failure to Appear or Pay Fines are not eligible.

2. Signer must have; Verifiable Employment and been steadily employed for a minimum of 3 years.

3. Must produce; Pay Stub, ID, Proof of Residence.

4. Signer(s) and Defendant Must be a NJ Resident and US Citizen.

5. Auto Deduction from Credit Card, Debit Card or Checking Account.


1. Reasonable Payment Plans.

2. If defendant is arrested for any reason the unpaid balance is due in full with in 7 days of arrest.

3. If the matter is resolved prior to the balance being paid, the unpaid balance is due in full with in 7 days of adjudication.

4. If a payment is missed the balance in full is due on demand. (We may demand payment or work out a solution).

If for any reason payment defaults the signers are responsible to pay the Collection Agency Fee and any Attorney or Court Costs in connection with any legal action taken to recover payment on the account.

Offer based on a downpay of the 10% premium of the face value of the bail bond. Certain conditions apply. Applicants must be gainfully employed and be able to produce pay stubs, I.D. And proof of residence. Number of co-signers based on risk model including total of premium owed and credit worthiness. For complete details call. All Payment Plans are subject to approval. All Signers and Defendant must be a NJ Resident and US Citizen.

In accordance with the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance the Premium charged must be the rate on file with the NJDBI.

In our case the premium is 10%. Discounting of Bail Premium is a violation of the law. Interest, Finance Charges and Late Fees are only allowed to be collected by a licensed premium finance company. All unpaid premium balance must be collected, any delinquent or accounts in default must be and will be refered out to a collection agency to abide by this requirement.

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