Middletown Bail Bonds


Unlike many of the "Bail Bond Agencies", we are not a huge bonding mill, opening the doors of the jail for a few dollars which you worked hard for. You will not find our agents showing up in Hoodies or looking like the just rolled out of bed, we are Professionals!

Sure, we are in business to make money. But we are not in business to loose money or cause any undue financial lose to you, the insurance company or our company. There are many bail bondsman to choose from. We all have the same bail bond and insurance laws to follow. We all must charge a set rate for the premium (usually 10% as filed with the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance), realizing this, you then must think who is the best bail bond service to use.

All Towne Bail Bonds is the answer!

  • We look to help each and every caller.
  • We know not everyone is in the same financial status and will work hard to make the No Interest Payment Plan affordable for you.
  • We Treat you with respect and confidentiality.
  • We take the time to explain the pros and cons of posting a bail bond.
  • We inform you of your options.
  • We discuss ways to stay out of future trouble and seeking help or counseling if needed.
  • Once out of jail, we stay in contact with you and the defendant.
  • We monitor the case for Court Dates, Address and Job Status, and General Behavior.
  • We care about People, Friends and Families!


Give us a call and find out how we can help you and see that we truly stand by our word.

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